Time to Flip Your Content Message

In modern business we ask a lot more from the content on our websites. When organisations first entered the online world, all but the first search engines and the early e-commerce sites were really just online brochures. A website then was a simple stamp of acceptability. Every business had to have one – good or bad. You could direct people you met at networking events or meetings to your url as a means to giving them more information on your company. It was an ideal vehicle for saying, “here’s everything we do all in one place.”

But the world has changed. People no longer want to read about everything you do in one place. They want to read about stuff that resonates with their particular situation or problem. They find your site and stay there because somehow what they read about your offering seems to hit their particular sweetspot at that particular time.

Which is why you have to flip your content message around from “here’s what we do” to “here’s why we understand how best to help you”.

Think about contentWhen you’re sitting down to write the copy for your website or your blog, put yourself in the position of the people who you want to be reading the copy. Even before you worry too much about making sure the necessary keywords are in all the right places, take a bit of time to check that the emphasis is right. What content will they find interesting? What problems might they have that you can solve? Are the words ‘you’ or ‘your’ more prevalent than ‘we’ or ‘I’?

Who Is Your Ideal Customer?

To facilitate this, it’s worth taking some time beforehand to write down the characteristics of your ideal customer. How do they behave? What relationship do you want to have with them? It’s possible one of your clients already represents your perfect customer in which case think back to what their issues were when you first began your working relationship. If there were something about your company in particular that was well suited to meeting their needs, identify what it was. Then be sure to write your content with that in mind. Put yourself right into their heads and deliver it from their perspective. You’ll immediately find that your copy is not only much more interesting for prospects to read but also more likely to be found.


Content that Captures the Need

This is the fundamental principle behind an Inbound Marketing Strategy.  By producing content that is relevant to your audience, they are already much more engaged and a much hotter lead when they contact you for help.

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